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​We believe sustainable architecture is not only a necessity for the future, but enhances our quality of life in the present. And it does not need to cost more than regular buildings. We create modern, transparent and honest architecture that does not break your budget.

For genuine sustainable architecture we created three areas of focus:

- the building as a system: We start with smart management of energy, waste and resources…This requires innovative thinking and an extensive knowledge of new technology. Our projects aim at Passive House Standards or very low-energy installation concepts. It can reduce the production of CO2, but also your energy bill, by as much as 75%.

- new flexibility: We create flexible and adjustable spaces which easily transform with the changing needs of its users. That way we guarantee the maximum lifecycle of our buildings.

- ecology and health: We like renewable, natural and sustainable materials that age gently like wood, glass and natural insulation materials.  Also existing structures and salvaged materials can be re-used.

Careful integration of these points from the start of the design process results in smart buildings with light and pleasant spaces that accommodate a healthy and natural lifestyle.