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4-step process

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The step preceding the designing of your building starts obviously with a first meeting. In this meeting De stap voorafgaand aan het ontwerpproces begint uiteraard met een kennismakingsgesprek. During this meeting you can tell us your plans, ideas and and wishes. These can be very concrete and detailed already so we can come to a prelimenary design. Not that far yet? No problem; we will together crystalize your wishes, elaborate and shape your ideas into a clearly established plan 

  1. What drives you to build or renovate? What would you like, dislike or think interesting when it comes to experiencing, using or just looking at your new project. What building styles or materials are you attracted to? In this research stage, we also investigate the local building regulations, permits and do a financial check. Fit our plans within the regulations, prerequisites and conditions, and what is it all going to cost approximately? In other words: are our plans feasible? 
  2. Together we make a design team. This team consists of client, architect, structural engineer and physics engineer. With this team we look at the subjects that lead to a building: construction, floors, walls, interior, technical equipment . Mostly it will be you and us, client and architect, discussing the results of our proposals. This can be done at our office or in the comfort of your own home. This way we gradually arrive at a very efficient, complete definite design within the time span established and within budget. 
  3. When the definite design is complet and you are totally satisfied, we will prepare the documents for the building permits and other permits if needed. In this stage we already make the drawings for the builder to base his quote on. The plan is getting a clear and concrete shape; for our clients this is the most exciting stage.
  4. The permit is thru! We are going to find a good builder. With you and the builder, we get together and discuss to the last detail how the building process is going to happen, what is going to be built, and what you as client can still change or adjust during the building process. We will establish the definite time planning, the terms of payment and date of delivery. During the building process we will carefully monitor these points and the quality of the build, thus avoid unnecesarry stress. During the delivery we will walk you thru the building with the builder present. We check if everything is made as agreed and collect all disceprancies in a list that the builder will repair within an established time.

   first meeting

1: research

2: design

3: permits

4: building