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Finnish wood

​Wood is our favorite material. No wonder we work in the expansive Finnish forests... For hundreds of years the source of the best quality pine, larch and birch wood that we use in our designs for wooden buildings. We generally work with two different building methods: 

- post&beam: a sturdy frame from slow growing polar pine, with a cladding of wood. Natural insulation goes between the posts of the frame, and we apply natural (so no plastic)  vapour barriers. A completely natural construction that results in a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. The design possibilities are endless: post & beam is the ultimate building method for modern, transparant architecture. 

- log building: for an even more natural building method with a different look, there is log building. The walls are made of smartly stacked logs from slow growing polar pine. And nothing else. The wood in the log structure filters and cleans the air. The log wall evens temperature changes and keeps the air humidity at an optimal level, because wood stores heat and humidity, and gives it out slowly. Log building has a more robust look than post & beam building, but is nevertheless suitable for modern architecture. Because of the ecological and health advantages, log building is becoming popular: we are currently working on log built city apartments and partially log built office buildings.

Wood is by far the most durable, ecological and healthy building material. The carbon footprint of a log house is reversed: it is a so called carbon sink.  Producing wood uses very little energy, and less of the Finnish forests are logged compared to the rate with which new trees are able to grow. 

We work with several well known and very professional producers of both post&beam and log buildings. Make an appointment with us to find out more about building with Finnish wood. Of course you are always welcome to visit our studio in the fantastic Finnish forests: an inspiring start of a building project!