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HELGATRAKSELarchitect is a studio for architecture and interior architecture. We take our first design cue from nature itself. And our clients. That is why we work in the best of both worlds: we are  based in the vast empty Finnish forests close to Helsinki and in vibrant busy Amsterdam. We like working on a wide range of projects, varying from private residences, office and leisure facilities to small and large conversions.

Architecture is a fascinating blend of art and engineering. It's creative, complex and challenging—and we’re passionate about doing it right. For us that means looking further than tomorrow. We have a special passion for sustainable architecture and have designed several houses according to the Passive House design standards. Apart from tailor-made new design we regularly work on the reuse and conversion of existing housing, leisure and office buildings.

As designer Helga has been honing her skills for over 20 years. We have remained however a small practise and therefore can offer personal attention. We pride ourselves in our ability to really listen to your story and design to fit your specific needs.

So don't hesitate to aks us your questions about architecture or come and tell us all about your building plans.

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