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Passive house concept

passive house in beetsterzwaag, netherlands

The Passive House concept is based on minimizing the demand of energy by optimizing the actual design, diverse construction parts and installations. A Passive House is a very comfortable house that uses very little or sometimes no energy from the grid. 

We see a lot of advantages in the Passive House, and have already designed sereval houses according to the concept. Underneath the advantages:

- extremely high level of comfort in both summer and winter due to easy regulation of indoor climate 

 - very high energy efficiency due to very good thermal insulation, sealing and the reuse of heat thru the ventilation system or heat exchanger.

- optimal use of passive solar energy by precise orientation and the there-on based architecture and  layout.

- very healthty due to concise attention for ventilation, climate control and indoor air quality

- good combinations possible with sustainable energy sources; possibility to build energy-neutral, even in cold climates!

On of our favorite projects is the desing of a Passive House in the Frysian village of Beetsterzwaag: wholly from renewable materials, extremely energy efficient and equipped with smart services like the re-use of rainwater, local and natural treatment of waste and underground heat/cold storage. Make an appointment with us to learn more about this design or the Passive House concept in general.