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​The sustainable alternative: renovating or converting an existing building. You are going to use considerable less material and energy, while the result in energy consumption, comfort and esthetics is definetely not inferior to building from scratch. In this example a renovation of a 19th century townhouse into two luxurious, energy efficient apartments.

Size: approx 133 m2

Building sum: from €50.000 to €120.000

Underneath the average cost per step:

first meeting:                       geen kosten

step 1: research                 € 1000,-

step 2: design                     € 2500,-

step 3: permits                    € 1500,-

step 4: building                    € 3000,-

Obviously the costs per step are dependent on the type and size of building, and the scope of work we will do for you. Do you want to apply for the permits yourselve, or find a builder, or do the monitoring during the building process? That's fine: of course you only pay for what you get from us. Read on what we do for you for more explanation about the 4-step process. Questions? Ask a question here, of make an appointment with us. 

What does that cost?